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Z Code System Review

Important: If you find my review useful, and I really hope you do – would you please close the sales page if it’s currently open and join ZCode System via my link here? I get a small referral fee if you do, and it helps me pay the bills!

Anyways, I don’t know if you’re like me or not when it comes to sports, but I TRULY know nothing about sports. Sure, I’ll always root for the hometeam (Go Angels!) but I really don’t care one way or another.

If Joe Montana hits a grand slam past Wayne Gretsky, good for him – I don’t really care… LOL

Anyways, dumb jokes aside…the fact that this system promises you can make money WITHOUT even knowing a thing about sports or sports betting intrigued me. This tells me that if I can do it, then anybody can.

I’ll be honest, this scars me. This is my FIRST sports betting system review. I’m a bit nervous, but a bit excited at the same time, because I TRULY have no idea how this will turn out.

Anyway, here’s how ZCode System Works!
zcode system review

ZCode™ VIP Club Pass:

Fully Automatic Sports Picks with 100% transparent performance since 1999
No guesswork, easy to use even if you have no clue about sports. Copy-paste winners!
THE community of winning Experts that DO WIN in sports and have been for years
You are not alone. You are amongst people who make their living by betting Sports professionally
Professional Tools to help you win – Line Reversals, Total predictors, Oscillators
Everything you need to win is at your fingertips!

Why these specific sports you ask?

Firstly, because they are popular and therefore allow high volume betting with the bookies (above 10s of thousands of $$$ per single bet) and secondly, because we wanted to rake in profits all year long and not just for a season or two while having to sit out all the other action.

Coming from the currency market scene (Forex), we decided that we wanted to develop a money-making system that would choose winning picks based on a precise and powerful prediction model.

We wanted to “trade” in the sports niche just like we traded currencies in the forex market. Little did we know that all the work would pay off in such a grand way!

Sports betting is a HUGE industry! Billions of dollars are floating out there waiting to be grabbed… and with a mathematical approach, you can get the edge needed!!

ZCode™ “Trades” Sport!

It takes into account over 80 different parameters in every game such as player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team, goalies, past performance, predicted future performance, trainers, events, importance of matches, rivalries, feuds, and so MUCH more, all to calculate a very precise outcome.

Step 1: Zcode Newbie Fast Start

Welcome A to Z Fast start Webinar Z Code System Members Webinar

This is a short, straight to the point interactive webinar which will show you how to get around zcode club, where to find systems, what to follow in order to succeed.

It also includes:

Money management tips, 7/30 plan, newbie mistakes and pitfalls and how you can avoid them. And 3 most important things you need to know from John.
The Number One mistake new sports investors are doing and how to avoid it?
This is a Must watch for everyone who is starting out with sports investing OR the ZCode System.

Step 2: Open your Bookie Account

Once you watch the new members webinar, the next thing you need to do is join at least one Bookmaker. As you’ll learn in the Z Code System, The Bookmaker or Bookie for short, is an organization that accepts bets and pays winnings depending upon results of the sporting event. As they teach in the system, you’ll want to make sure your bookie provides best odds, supports NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB and allows you to buy points.

The ZCode System Provides a FULL list of Bookies and gives great information on each one, so you don’t have to put too much thought into that. 🙂

If you are totally new to online betting, like me, you can first bet “on paper” with the Robots Recommended bets WITHOUT having to place real bets with real money. OR – you can also just make small bets, like $10.00 or so. This way you will get comfortable with the system and learn how to place bets very fast!

Step 3: Learn How to Use the Z Code System Sports Picks

PLEASE – take your time to go through their User Guide, THEN watch the step-by-step VIDEO tutorials. They literally take you by the hand and walk you through the ENTIRE process of understanding sports investing, and how to properly place your winning bets.

If you’re STILL stuck after this, they’ve got a great FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) section, and their support desk has been amazing so far with the few questions i’ve had while getting set up.

After this, you’ll MOSTLY be good to go with the basics!

Step 4: FREE BONUSES! Winning Systems & Arb Generator

As new members, the Z Code Systems team have prepared several great bonuses for you such as Z Code (old name XCode) Winning Systems (Revenge System, LF System) & The Arb Generator.

FYI: ArbGenerator is a special web script that can work in any web browser on any platform: PC, MAC, Linux, Mobile phones, Android, iPhone & iPad as long as you have Internet connection. Simply use the arb gen link to start it any time. ArbGenerator automatically adapts to the small screens of your mobile device as well!

Step 5: WHAT Systems Do you Follow?

THIS is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the course!

You’ve got the membership, you’ve got the sports betting experts, you’ve got the ‘done for you’ picks – BUT tou might be wondering where you can find best systems and their links?

If you Take a look at the Zcode menu on top. It has a Hot Trends Tab. That is a place where you will find all up-to-date links to the active winning systems.

The list is manually updated by admins to make sure only best of the best get there!

Here’s how you take advantage:

Don’t get confused and avoid overbetting!
You need to follow only 2-3 systems, not ALL of them at the same time, especially if your bankroll is not so big YET! It will be soon!
But for now lets concentrate on 2-3 systems.
Take your time to go through them, read their rules in post 1 of each topic and decide which systems you are fully understanding and comfortable to follow!
Check out this Video of the ZCode Members Area

My Zcode System Review?

Alright, I know the above info is A LOT to take in – but I wanted to THOUROGHLY explain what the course is about, and what youll be getting.

Just to be clear, ZCode system is NOT some magical betting robot that places your trades for you.  It’s a BUNCH of different systems with a TON of methods, picks, and discussion forums with even more picks.

Don’t take my word for it, see what some of the betting EXPERTS at covers.com think about it.

I am very familiar with z-code…it is definitely not a scam of any kind. Anyone telling you otherwise is a moron

So, what do I think of it?

So far I’m VERY impressed, and I suggest you pick it up for yourself! They have a 60 day refund policy, so the risk is all theirs, and none for you!

There is a LOT to take in, and to be honest, it CAN be a bit overwhelming at times.  My advice to you is take your time, and don’t feel rushed to make your first bet if you’re not ready yet.  It’s a great system though and I highly recommend it.

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Road To Million – Top 100 Systems past performance

We didn’t just double those test accounts once..

.not twice.. but 3 times just for the sake of proving our claims!!

After all, talk is cheap these days… you have to put your money where your mouth is!


ZCode ™ Prediction Model features:

80+ Parameters in calculation
Every single detail you can think of is there
Automatic prediction model
Computer Generated picks
Hot Trends – easy to follow
Ride the winning trend
Transparent Performance
Fully verified picks and predictions since 1999
Backtest approach like in Forex
Each system goes through advanced backtests and forward-tests

The ZCode™ Membership Includes:

  • VIP Membership with instant access to all the Winning Sports Picks!
  • Video tutorials showing you EXACTLY how to use our winning predictions & picks.. easy-to-understand, even if you know nothing of sports at all.
  • A comprehensive Guide, FAQ & Money management System already in place. No more guesswork. The FULL 100% blueprint for extra income right at your fingertips.
  • Well-trained, friendly Support team lead by our support chief, Anny.

Free Bonus Tools

During the last few years, ZCode™ Lab has developed a great variety of cool tools that can help sports investors to win. Among them are popular tools such as

  • Line Reversal Tool –
    Don’t bet blindly!!
    This famous tool shows you LIVE changes in Vegas lines, spreads and totals, their odds and charts as well as public percentages on the team. It allows you to see in real-time where the “Smart money” is going and where sharp bettors are placing their bets!! This is a MUST HAVE if you are serious about sports investing and don’t want to bet blindly. Easy video tutorial included!
  • ZCode™ Oscillator –
    Betting Moneylines?
    Do you know where the team is heading? ZCode™ Oscillator allows you to see the current trends and streaks your team is going through! Through simple charts, you can clearly compare the two team performance to see which team is surging, which team is slumping and see each team’s patterns and current trend! A MUST HAVE for predicting Money Line winners!
  • Totals Predictor –
    Betting Totals?
    Over/Under? Must have tool that allows you to easily predict the totals + full video tutorial on how to use it!
  • ZCode™ MLB Pitcher
    Profit Oscillator
    Shows you the current pitcher shape in a form of an easy chart. Just by looking at the chart, you can compare two pitchers to see their current pattern and trend, which pitcher is surging and who is slumping. You will also get the current team status, their last games, pitcher profitability and the difference between their profitability. Must have tool if you are betting MLB baseball!
  • Power Rankings Indicator
    for Football and other sports
    This is where ZCode™ Power Rankings indicator comes to your aid! It shows you how the Power Ranks of teams have changed over the course of the season and gives you a chance to compare them easily! The higher the power rank on the chart, the BETTER the team! It helps you understand if your team is stable (straight chart) or unstable (shaky chart with big dips) and where it is trending now. Enjoy!
  • ZCode™ Scores Predictor
    Professional Tools
    Zcode Scores Predictor uses an advanced scoring prediction formula that takes into account 80+ parameters, optimized across historical data to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and predict the anticipated scores.

3 steps to start making money with ZCode™ System VIP Club

1- Take the pick from the V.I.P. Members zone
2 Bet with your bookie (1 bet, no strenous arbing)
3 Collect your cash

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